NEFF S157ZCX01E Built-in Dishwasher, 60 cm


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NEFF S157ZCX01E Built-in Dishwasher, 60 cm

Technical Specifications

Zeolith® excellent drying in the dishwasher using natural minerals
Chef 70°Cthe program for professionals, which eliminates stubborn residues
Flex 2 baskets The flexible baskets, the three-level Rack Matic and the Flex Cutlery drawer make loading your washing machine a real breeze
Illuminated gap informs you when the dishwasher has an active wash cycle
Energy class ANEFF's most energy efficient dishwashers

Technical Specifications

Capacity 14 Dishes
Energy Class A
Energy consumption per 100 Eco wash cycles 54 kWh
Water consumption per eco wash cycle 9.5 liters
Airborne acoustic noise emissions 43 dB(A) re 1 pW
Airborne acoustic noise emissions category B
Program duration4:55 (hours: minutes)

General Specifications

Vario Hinge The Vario Hinge feature lifts the door when opened, for more installation options
Aqua Stop If there is a leak, the Aqua Stop system closes the safety valve next to the faucet
Drying system Zeolith®, Residual heat and automatic door opening
Efficient Drive engine You can reduce noise with the Efficient Drive engine
Home Connect Remote access and control
Auto3in1Identification of detergent type
Glass Protect Protection of sensitive utensils
Dosage Assist For complete dissolution of tablets
Open Dry Automatic door opening at the end of the program, Heat exchanger - energy saving, protection dishes & better drying
Three-level self-cleaning filter
Door Open Assist just gently push the door to open
Program progress indication through a light indicator on the side of the device
Dirt sensor
Child safety lock


Intensive Plus 70°C, Automatic 45-65°C, Intensive 60°C, Crystals 40°C, Economy, Personalized program
Additional operating options Extra dry, Extra Speed, Machine Care, Power Zone - dual zone wash, Remote Start - remote start
3rd loading level Vario Drawer cutlery drawer
Easy Clean Laundry care program
Silence on demand (via app)
Default start time 1-24 hours


Flex 2 basket system, with flexible elements in burgundy color
Flex Cutlery Drawer - cutlery drawer
Rack Matic Upper basket adjustment in 3 levels
Easy Glide wheels with integrated bearings in the upper basket
Colored anti-slip strips on the upper basket
6 collapsible plate holder elements in the upper basket
2 cup shelves with silicone protectors in the upper basket
Easy sliding wheels on the lower basket
Stop mechanism on the lower basket for avoidance derailment
6 folding plate holder elements in the lower basket
2 cup shelves in the lower basket
Support for glasses in the lower basket

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions (HxWxD) 81.5 x 59.8 x 55 cm
Weight 42,6 kg



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