BOSCH DBB67AM60 Integrated Hood


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BOSCH DBB67AM60 Integrated Hood

Technical Specifications

Width: 60 cm
Total power of the motors: 250 W
Max. air extraction: 460 m³/h
Boost position air extraction: 749 m³/h
Sound power at max. speed (2010/30/EC): 63 dB
Sound power boost (2010/30/EC): 73 dB
Max. air recirculation: 451 m³/h
Boost position output recirculating: 652 m³/h
Sound power at max. speed (recirculation): 67 dB
Sound power boost (recirculation): 74 dB
Width of the appliance: 597 mm
Depth of the product: 298 mm
Minimum distance above an electric hob: 430 mm

Minimum distance above a gas hob: 650 mm
Diameter of air outlet: 120 / 150 mm
No-return airflow flap: Yes
Length electrical supply cord: 130.0 cm
Net weight: 11.7 kg
Appliance height exhaust air max: 340 mm
Appliance height exhaust air min: 340 mm
Maximum width for installation: 560 mm
Minimum width for installation: 560 mm
Depth for installation: 300 mm



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