BOSCH built-in Heated Drawer BIC630NS1

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Bosch BIC630NS1

The multifunctional warming drawer for the 14 cm niche: for pre-heating plates, keeping food warm and low temperature cooking.

● Push-pull mechanism: easy opening and closing thanks to a practical spring mechanism.
● Cleaning convenience: easy-to-clean hotplate made of tempered glass.

Built-in multifunctional warming drawer for 14cm niche: for pre-heating plates, keeping food warm and low tempetaure cooking
  • Built-in warming drawer
  • Capacity: 20ltrs
  • Heating plate made of toughened glass
  • Can be installed alone if required /  with a compact 45 appliance / with a single oven
  • 5 Functions: dough proving thawing of delicate foods keeping drinks and food warm pre-warming of crockery gentle cooking
  • Capacity: 64 espresso cups or 12 dishes (26cm)
  • Weight capacity 25kg
  • Handle less push-pull opening mechanism
  • Electronic Temperature control in 4 levels: ca. 30°C – 80°C (glass surface temperature)
  • Easy to clean heated ceramic glass base
  • Fully extendable pull out drawer
  • “Power on” indicator light
  • Product Dimensions: H x W x D = 140 x 595 x 548 mm

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