Modern Kitchens

A great Collection of modern Slab Doors in a range of materials and finishes :  Manufactured melamine boards that bring you wood-grain and plain finishes, textured 3D too, to create that Modern cost effective kitchen : Painted plain slab doors or with an integral J-Handle to create that Handle-less look : In Glossy or Matt paint finishes in a range of cool and trendy colours :


Group 1 and 2


Your starting point in our range of Kitchen doors : Our Group one Arran door is a cost effective kitchen door that does not comprimise in choice or quality of kitchen that we produce : Manufactured melamine boards that we cut and edge to produce a great range of slab doors : Wood-grain or plain melamine colours, add a modern handle to complete the look : All of our kitchens are built to order, so if our range of over 30 door colours is not just quite right for you, then of course we can discuss other options : Our Group 2 Lewis doors use the same materials but by adding a spayed laquer to the surface we can create a glossy finish (or Matt if you prefer) which will enhance our non-textured wood-grain melamine doors, for that extra touch of wow :


Group 3


Following on the theme of the Slab door we have our Iona Group 3 Door : A Smooth Mdf painted door in a range of colours and finishes that will enhance any room : Mix with our Arran or Lewis doors and put your own stamp on your choice of kitchen, mixing colours and materials for that unique personal look : Endless choice with cost effective materials : Or raise the bar by using these style of doors but incorparate cool appliances and worktops like Quartz Stone, or the very versatile Corian worksurface, one that we specialise in :


Group 4


Our Jura Door brings you a thicker 22mm door which we router a J-Handle into to create that slab handle-less look : One of our bigest sellers : Let us create your perfect modern kitchen in a number of cool colours and finishes : From Pretty in Pink to Jazzy Yellow or cool Matt Grey, I think we have covered a fair spectrum of colours for our customers : Incorparate big pan drawers and integrated appliances for that modular minamalist look :


Group 5


Our Bute collection incorporates a number of styles of doors that we can use to create a handless kitchen : By using the Gola System of J-Handle profile that is built into the kitchen unit, add in the slab door front of your choice to create this style of kitchen : Your door can be the simple melamine slab to a painted shaker door, the choice is endless, the look cool and minimal :